UFC 116 Odds Preview: Lytle vs. Brown a Welterweight Letdown

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

Perhaps fans of MMA betting have grown spoiled or too accustomed to having one terrific UFC betting match after another, but they can be forgiven for varying of frustration at the Welterweight match listed on the main card of the UFC 116 odds event.

On July 3rd, the eve of America’s birthday the MMA betting world will once again descend on the Nevada desert to witness the spectacle of the UFC 116 betting action in Las Vegas.  As with all UFC betting events the UFC 116 odds action includes some big names and some terrific fighters and the headliner, as always, will feature two of the biggest names in the sport (Lesnar vs. Carwin).

But the welterweight matchup on the UFC 116 betting main card is a bit of a dog.  Matt Brown and Chris Lytle will battle one another for no other reason than to fill out a fight card and collect a check.  Neither of these fighters really has any reason to believe that they’re anywhere close to approximating a legitimate title contender.

But MMA betting fans can probably at least expect an action packed fight when these two get their UFC 116 odds contest underway.  Brown with a career record of 11-8 and Lytle with a career record of 28-17-5 have plenty of experience between the two of them.

In fact, these two have combined to lose 25 matches in their MMA betting careers.  That’s more matches than most fighters even see at the UFC betting level and so their experience can’t be discounted.  But neither can their huge loss totals.  And many of those losses are a result of over aggressive fighting and leaving themselves exposed.

So while neither Brown nor Lytle are going to enter the UFC Hall of Hall of Fame, at least for three rounds on July 3rs they’ll be able to provide an engaging fight in the UFC 116 betting action.  Both men like to mix it up and so there should be plenty of action.  The main difference between these two fighters is the power factor.

Brown has knockout power with 6 KOs on his record why Lytle has almost no punching power.  This could play a big role in how these UFC 116 odds match plays out with Brown have the big advantage of being able to dictate the flow of the fight.

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