UFC 116 Betting Preview: Is Brock Lesnar a Legit UFC Champion?

December 2, 2010 UFC

For MMA betting purists there isn’t anything more upsetting than the upcoming UFC 116 betting Main Event featuring former WWE champion –and current UFC betting champion- Brock Lesnar.

What’s so distasteful for many MMA betting fans to digest is the fact that Lesnar comes from a background of pretend fighting in the WWE and many sports betting fans see Lesnar a force of delegitimize the UFC betting competition after so many great fighters have worked so hard to make the UFC the king of MMA betting.

But beyond the questions of legitimacy of the sport, many MMA fighting fans simply want to know whether this guy is the real deal or not.  After all Lesnar has had a very unorthodox career in the UFC betting so far.  He only has five career UFC betting events under his belt (the UFC 116 odds competition will be his sixth) and yet he’s already wearing the UFC betting heavy weight belt.

Compared to former great champions in the heavyweight division some MMA betting fans see Lesnar’s title as reward for his celebrity as much as it is for his ability as a fighter.  But these skeptics will get to find our soon enough for themselves when Lesnar climbs into the Octagon for his UFC 116 betting contest versus Shane Carwin.  Carwin is a bit more seasoned and no one doubts his abilities as a fighter with his perfect 12-0 UFC betting record to back him up.

Lesnar, on the other hand, doesn’t have nearly as impressive a UFC betting record having lost one of these five previous matches.  But he’s also beaten some big UFC betting names like Randy Couture and Frank Mir.  The UFC 116 betting contest will be Lesnar’s biggest test yet and great opportunity for him to prove himself to all the MMA betting fans. 

The UFC 116 betting event will also be a big litmus test for the UFC in general.  This MMA organization has come under scrutiny of late for pursuing big name flops in order to boost rating, namely Kimbo Slice.  Many MMA betting fans view Lesnar as simply another Slice and so the UFC 116 betting action will the perfect moment for Lesnar to prove these critics right or shut them up for good.

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