Carwin Facing Uphill Battle in the UFC 116 Betting Actions

December 2, 2010 UFC

Shane Carwin is the man that the entire sports betting world wants to see fail in the upcoming UFC 116 betting action.

Well, perhaps not everyone, his immediately family and friends would surely like to see Carwin victorious in the UFC 116 odds competition. And there are a handful of MMA betting purists that are offended by the media circus created by UFC heavyweight betting champion Brock Lesnar and his WWE background.

But in general most people want to see Lesnar destroy the Carwin in Las Vegas on July 3d at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. At the people who list the UFC betting odds and the especially the UFC itself.

Carwin will not only be fighting against Lesnar, a terrifying prospect to most people, but also against the UFC. Dana White and his suits need Brock Lesnar to win the UFC 116 betting Main Event. The UFC desperately needs a superstar. A personality that bridges the divide with the common sports betting fan that hasn’t yet checked out MMA betting. And it’s for that reason that Lesnar is getting top billing in the upcoming UFC 116 odds event.

Lesnar already has a huge base of fans, or least recognized by a wide swath of sports betting fans. In fact, he’s better known than almost every other UFC fighter combined. The UFC would love to capitalize on that fame and use to help grow the UFC global brand.

And so when Carwin, a dangerous opponent with a 12-0 record in MMA fighting, steps into the Octagon during the UFC 116 betting action he’ll not only be fighting against Lesnar, but he’ll be fighting against the entire UFC marketing machine as well.

If Lesnar were to lose this fight it would be devastating for UFC. It would pretty much end Lesnar’s UFC betting career; with a record of 4-2 not that many people would be interested in checking him out. And Carwin is hardly the man that UFC wants as its heavyweight champion, after all his nickname is the Engineer.

Lesnar should win this UFC 116 betting matchup but if he doesn’t the fall of a loss will resonate for a very long time across MMA fighting.

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