UFC 116 Betting Breakdown: After Main Event, Card Is Thin On Fights

December 2, 2010 UFC

On Saturday July 3rd, the MFM Grand Garden Arena is going to be packed to the gills as this site will play host to the UFC 116 betting event.

And nearly everyone in the building, save for a few family members and friends of the various fighters involved in the UFC 116 odds action, will be there to see one single bout.  And as if anybody needs a hint as to which fight in the UFC 116 betting line up that people dying to see, it’s the match that involves the two largest men in the building: Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.

No matter how much hype this UFC betting Main Event gets, it may not be enough.  And that’s not because of the talent of the fighters involved (admittedly, both of the massive men lack the general all-around MMA skills that most UFC betting champions possess) but simply because they are massive individuals.  The sports betting public to watch heavyweights beat each other senseless, even if they lack the grace of the lighter fighters.

And the UFC betting public also loves stars.  Right now in the MMA betting action there is no star bigger than Lesnar.  Lesnar is the rare MMA fighter that has general pop culture stardom and a very high level of skill inside the Octagon.  And his celebrity alone has drawn many sports betting fans to this UFC 116 betting event.

But after this Main Event between these two huge men, the fight card, or at least the UFC 116 odds action is pretty slim pickings’’.  Peppered throughout the rest of the Main Card there are names here and there of fighters that MMA betting fans have probably heard of or maybe even seen fight a more well known fighter in some other UFC betting event, but for the most part this is about as lackluster collection of fights as we’ve seen at a UFC betting even this year.

The only other fight that really sparks any interest is the UFC 116 betting matchup between Japanese new-comer Yoshihiro Akiyama.  Akiyama is a major MMA superstar in Asia and his fighting pedigree is impeccable.  He has the possibility to become a huge star in the UFC betting action but his opponent, Chris Leben, hardly seems up to the task.

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