UFC 114 Odds Preview: Michael Bisping vs Dan Miller

December 2, 2010 UFC

Contrary to what you might think or have been led to believe there are other fights on the UFC 114 odds card than just the Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans bout.

There are in fact, several very intriguing and hopefully very interesting UFC 114 betting matchups that should provide MMA betting fans plenty of entertainment. 

Although the Jackson vs. Evans UFC 114 odds matchup should be a thriller there is a least several other fights that should draw the attention of UFC betting fans and perhaps even surpass the Main Event in terms of quality.  There is no way the Jackson vs. Evans fight can live up to the hype and the UFC betting matchup between British Micheal Bisbing and American fighter Dan Miller might just still the MMA betting show.

Bisbing is one of the better known fighters in this UFC 114 odds event and an accomplished middleweight fighter.  He is also one of the most popular athletes in the UK and will have plenty of support from his countrymen at the UFC 114 betting event.  His fighting skills include several types of martial arts and kickboxing.  He’s fought at the highest level of UFC betting for the past several years and all his MMA betting losses have come against the highest level of competition (Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, among others).

Miller (11-3) will certainly not intimidate Bisping and on paper Bisping should be able to destroy his less seasoned UFC betting opponent.  Miller has nowhere near the MMA betting experience of Bisbing and the UFC 114 betting event will be just his fourth UFC Main Event and he has a less than perfect 1-3 record against a mixed bag of little known fighters.  Miller is a former wrestler who has acquires some martial arts skills in the past few years and will look to take the fight to the mat.

Expect Bisping to employ a controlled game plan and pick his spots in this UFC betting event.  Bisping is the more skilled fighter and if he can control the tempo and make this match about striking he’ll come out on top. 

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