UFC 113 Betting: Machida vs. Rua Part II

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

For hardcore MMA wagering fans the upcoming UFC 113 betting action will be the most anticipated sequel since the Godfather II.

There is absolutely no way on earth the rematch between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Rua will ever live up to the UFC 113 odds hype that has already been created in the run up to this epic match but it will sure be fun watching to see what happens when these to Light heavyweights battle it out in the UFC odds action.

On May 8th the entire MMA betting universe will be tuned into Montreal Quebec, Canada to see who wins round two of this battle.  For those sports betting fans that are unfamiliar with the history of this UFC 113 betting matchup, this will be the second time that Machida and Rua will meet up in the Octagon.

The two men were first paired against one another in the UFC betting odds in the UFC 104 wagering action.

Machida won that match and retained his light heavyweight crown.  But of course it wasn’t’ that simple or else this UFC 114 odds matchup would be drawing near the sports betting interest that it already has.

The win was one of the most controversial in the history of UFC betting.  Even though it was a unanimous decision there were many fighters, fans, sports betting odds makers, and even MMA chief Dana White that voiced their disgust over what they perceived to be an unfair result.

And so with all that controversy as a backdrop the main event in the UFC 113 odds action looks to be one of the most anticipated events in the history of UFC betting.  The controversy around their first match stems from the fact that Compustrike reported that Rua landed almost twice as many strikes as Machida did in the fight.

These two fighters know each other well now and UFC 113 betting fans should expect this squeal to go the distance.  Neither fighter is knockout artists and this UFC odds matchup should certainly go three rounds.  Both are technical fighters and tow of the best in UFC fighting odds.

No matter who wins this UFC 113 betting match and leaves with the title fans can be sure that they will be treated to an excellent fight.

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