UFC 97 Betting: Silva vs. Leites at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

Silva, one of the best known fighters in the UFC and arguably the best MMA fighter in the world, will be the headliner of the UFC 97 odds where he’ll defend his title against the lesser known Thales Leites.

UFC 97 betting fans need no introduction to Anderson Silva. Leites may not have the name recognition of his UFC 97 betting opponent, but make no mistake, this young man can fight and he could very well leave the UFC 97 odds event as the world champion.

UFC betting odds makers have made Silva the favorite in this fight as most people would expect. Silva is practically an institution when it comes to MMA fighting and his status as the main event fighter in the UFC 97 betting contest is well deserved. A brief recap of his illustrious career prior to the UFC 97 odds reveals that he has accomplished just about everything there is to accomplish in UFC.

He enters the UFC 97 betting event not only as the world champion middle weight fighter, but one of the most respected MMA fighters in the world. He has held the UFC title for almost three years and his defense of the belt in the UFC 97 betting competition will be his fifth consecutive title defense. At 6’2” and 185 he is a tall lanky fighter and highly skilled striker as well as ground fighter that will create massive problems for his UFC 97 odds opponent.

But if there is anyone that can throw the champ off his game it’s likely his UFC 97 betting opponent Leites. Leites, a Brazilian like Silva, has shocked the UFC world with his quick ascension to the top of the middle weight class and he’ll be looking to one step further and leave the UFC 97 betting event with the world title. He’s been a terror for opponents in the run up to the UFC 97 betting and has rattled off five straight wins in the UFC competitions prior to the UFC 97 betting show down.

His build is nearly identical to Silva’s and he could present problems for the champ. With a career record of 14-1 he’s not accustomed to losing and wont’ be looking to do so in the UFC 97 betting. This could be the biggest upset in years as Silva has had a death lock on the middle weight crown but will have his toughest defense to date in the UFC 97 betting.

Look for Leites to leave the UFC 97 betting as the new champ.

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