UFC 83 Betting: Serra vs. St. Pierre at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC 83 betting enthusiasts should get their money’s worth on April 19, 2008.

On this date in Quebec, Montreal, Canada the UFC betting world will witness the UFC 83 betting event. And the headline event of Brian Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre should top the list of great matches to come at the UFC 83 betting.

UFC 83 betting will bet UFC betting at its finest. With the full bill of talented fighters on tap there should be no shortage of great fights. But there is no doubt which fighters the UFC 83 betting fans are coming out to see. Serra vs. St Pierre was such a terrific match up that the fans of UFC 83 betting demanded a rematch and organizers were more than happy to oblige.

Serra took the first fight much to the surprise of the UFC betting community and St. Pierre will certainly be ready for dogfight at the UFC 83 betting event. Considered a very heavy underdog heading into the fight, Serra TKOs St. Pierre just three minutes into the bout. Heading into their first match up Serra was a relative unknown but heading into the UFC 83 betting challenge Serra will enter as superstar and undisputed champ. Things can change in a heartbeat in UFC betting and big changes are likely to take place at the UFC 83 betting event as well.

However, don’t expect Serra to leave the UFC 83 betting event without his title. This mix martial arts specialist is the star attraction of the UFC 83 betting event for a good reason: he’s an excellent fighter. He made quick work of St. Pierre in their first match up and most UFC 83 betting analysts expect him to be triumphant once more. The first match he may have took St. Pierre by surprise, but there’s no chance of that happening at the UFC 93 betting event. St. Pierre may be better prepared this event but Serra enters with much more confidence and experience and will inevitably win their bout on the UFC 83 betting card.

This will be one of the best UFC betting events of the year and Serra should emerge victorious.