Rounds Option in UFC Odds

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds give you some different choices including the rounds option. Now, this option is not always available on all UFC betting odds but you will see it appear on some of the marquee fights.

UFC odds with the rounds option are simply an over/under just like you would see in other sports.  For example, let’s say that Rich Franklin was battling Wanderlei Silva and the over/under was set at 2.5 rounds.  You could bet over or under that total in UFC odds.  If you bet over that number then the fight would have to go more than 2.5 rounds for your wager to win in UFC odds.  On the other side, the fight would need to end before the 2.5 round mark for a wager on the under to win in UFC odds.

Over/under numbers can vary depending upon the fight.  You will usually see the rounds option set at 1.5 or 2.5 in UFC odds depending upon the fight. With over/under options in UFC betting odds you have a money line just as you would when betting one fighter against another. The previous example might have the under listed at -150 and the over at +130. You would be laying $150 to win $100 or 1.5 to 1 on the under and get +130 for every $100 wagered on the over in UFC odds at the online sportsbook.

It is very important when betting over/under in UFC odds to know how long the fight is.  That seems simple enough but people forget. Major title fights can be listed at five rounds while most others are three round bouts.

Handicapping over/under betting options in UFC odds at the online sportsbook is just like other types of online betting. You want to look at the styles of the two fighters and their past records.  If a fighter is known for quick knockouts then the under is something to consider in UFC betting odds. If a fighter has little power and wins a lot of decisions then betting the over is a good choice in UFC odds.

You are handicapping the rounds option in UFC betting odds at the online sportsbook just like you would anything else in online betting so keep that in mind.  Use statistics, trends, past records, styles, etc. to come up with the best choices when betting UFC odds in terms of over/unders.