Public Opinion Influences UFC Odds

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds are influenced a lot more by public opinion than you might think. Popular fighters get a lot of attention in UFC betting odds and sometimes that attention is more than it should be.

UFC odds give you a lot of things to consider at the sportsbook. There are always big events in UFC odds with a number of great fights on the board. If you are looking at handicapping all of these bouts in UFC odds it can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Keeping things simple is never a bad idea with UFC betting odds and one way to do that is to gauge public opinion and oftentimes go against it. The public simply doesn’t win consistently when betting UFC odds. They will pick some winners but more often than not they struggle with UFC betting odds at the sportsbook. That means a good place to start is by finding out who the public likes in UFC odds. 

The first thing to do is to check out the UFC sites that write up the bouts and see who they are picking.  If everyone seems to like one fighter against another you have to give serious consideration to taking the other fighter. Now keep in mind that you also need to make sure public opinion also supports these picks in UFC odds but most of the time it does. The people that follow the UFC are fans just like everyone else and they give their opinion on who will win.  It is not much different than the people that write up the NFL picks each week.

Another great place to gauge public opinion is on the UFC forums. You will find that people love to talk about the fights and who they think will win. Get an idea of who the public likes in UFC odds and be prepared to bet the other way at the online sportsbook.

You also want to check out the sportsbook and the latest UFC odds. If the public likes the underdog then you want to look at the favorite. If they like the favorite then you want to consider the underdog in UFC betting odds. Many times the public will back the favorite in UFC odds. When you get ready to wager on UFC odds you probably don’t want to lay big money so focus on those picks that have reasonable prices at the online sportsbook.

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