Profitable Underdogs in UFC Odds

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds give you a lot of potentially profitable underdogs to wager on at the sports book.

UFC events happen almost on a monthly basis and there are a lot of great UFC betting odds to consider.  How much weight should you give underdogs when betting UFC odds?

UFC odds normally have a headline fight and four other fights on the main card. There are then five preliminary fights in UFC odds on the card as well.  Many of these bouts will have underdogs that really look appealing.  Oftentimes these underdogs are worth a bet in UFC odds, but not always.  You have to remember that when you are laying money on favorites in UFC odds you have to win a lot higher percentage of your bouts.  With underdogs you can win less than half of the time and make money betting UFC odds at the sports book.  Let’s look at an example. 

If you have bet a total of 10 fights and went 6-4 taking all of the favorites you may have still lost money.  Let’s say the prices averaged -170.  That means you lost $170 a total of four times which is $680.  You won six times and picked up $600. You won 60% of your fights in UFC odds and still lost money because you took the favorites. Conversely, had you bet the underdogs in these UFC odds you could have won money at the sportsbook. But keep in mind that there is a difference between the favorite’s price and the underdog’s price at the sportsbook. If a favorite was -170 then an underdog might only be +150 at the sports book.

With that example you were only laying an average of -170.  What happens sometimes in UFC odds is that you have bigger favorites laying -300 or more. It doesn’t take many of these types of losses to ruin your chances of making money in UFC odds. On the other hand it doesn’t take many big underdog wins to put you on the plus side in UFC betting odds.

What happens in UFC betting odds is that underdogs actually have a chance to win.  Anything can happen in MMA fighting. A fighter can get caught or trapped and lose, even as a big favorite in UFC betting odds. That means you can really take a serious look at betting underdogs in the UFC.