Parlays in UFC Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC betting has so many big favorites that some who bet on UFC choose to parlay the fights. It is similar in some respects to soccer or baseball where big favorites are popular in parlays.

How do you go about picking which fights in UFC betting to include on parlays? UFC betting can be interesting with parlays but you still have to pick and choose your spots.  What you should be aware of is that favorites win a great deal of the time in UFC betting but that doesn’t mean they all win.  Sometimes you will have a big event where only half the favorites win in UFC betting. In those cases you can rest assured that parlays with favorites on them lost for those that bet on UFC.

Let’s look at exactly what a parlay is in UFC betting and if it makes sense.  The goal with a parlay is to place a bet and win increase money with multiple fights on the single parlay ticket.  For you to win your parlay in UFC betting, all of the fighters on your ticket must win.  A single loss will cause the entire parlay to lose in UFC betting.  What a parlay allows you to do though in UFC betting is get those huge favorites down to a reasonable price.  Let’s say you have four fights you like on your UFC parlay and each of your fighters is laying 3-1.  That means on an individual bet you would have to lay out $300 to win $100 and you would have to do it four times which means you would be risking $1200. Not many people want to risk that much money when they bet on UFC so they parlay the four fights for $100. That $100 can turn into some nice money if all four fighters win their respective fights.

Another option for parlays in UFC betting is to include an underdog.  What occurs when you include a fighter getting plus money is that the parlay pays a lot better.  Also keep in mind that you don’t have to choose just favorites or just underdogs when you are wagering on UFC action with parlays. You can mix and match just as you would your favorite football games.

No matter what your preference in UFC betting, consider adding parlays when you bet on UFC. They can be fun and profitable.