Many characters in the UFC 87 Odds at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

The UFC is full of not only highly talented fighters but very interesting personalities as will be on display during the UFC 87 odds battle.

Most fans that bet the online UFC 87 odds know about the UFC 87 odds fighters in the ring, but many also have interesting quirks out of the ring as well. A quick glance down the list of UFC 87 odds fighters reveals some facts about them that many online UFC 87 odds fans may not know.

For example, Luke Cummo, the welter weight tomato can that will go up against Tamdan McCrory in a welter battle in the UFC 87 odds is a big time fan of drinking his own urine. Strange as it may sound the UFC 87 odds fighter believes it gives him an advantage over the other online UFC 87 odds fighters because of the supposed nutrients it contains. The fact that his UFC 87 odds opponent Tamdan McCrory is nicknamed the “The Barn Cat” or that he has a twin sister, seem down right boring in comparison.

Other UFC 87 odds bits of interest include the fact that light weight Manvel Gamburyan is cousins with fellow UFC fighter Karo Parisyan. Of biographical note for his UFC 87 odds competitor, Rob Emerson, is the fact that Emerson once part a gang member in Irvine, CA prior to his Online UFC 87 odds days.

But perhaps the most interesting character in the UFC 87 odds is heavy weight Brock Lesnar.  Lesnar is perhaps one of the most famous figures in the UFC and certainly the most famous in the UFC 87 odds. At just 31 years of age Lesnar has led an interesting and high profile without even yet realizing his full potential in the UFC 87 odds or UFC in general. He is the former champions of the WWE, the youngest ever, and prior to the UFC 87 odds, he has also had a brief career in the NFL, the National Guard, and has been a collegiate national champion wrestle. And as if that weren’t enough to get UFC 87 odds fans intrigued he’s also married to WWE siren Sable who may or may not be attendance at the UFC 87 odds competition.