Managing Your Bankroll for UFC Odds

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds are not like football odds where you have hundreds of games to consider but there are still a lot of options to bet and managing your bankroll is important.

You can pick a lot of winners versus the UFC betting odds but if you don’t manage your money correctly it won’t mean very much.

UFC odds really should be treated like other types of sports betting odds. You want to keep your wagers at the same amount all the time. That amount should be 5% or less when betting UFC odds. You really should keep your wager amount to 2% or 3% of your overall bankroll when wagering on UFC odds.  For example, if your bankroll is $2000 then you want your wagers to be in the $50 range.  That sounds small when betting UFC odds but it keeps your bankroll safe from prolonged losing streaks.

If you want to increase the percentage of your wagers then you could go with a unit basis when betting UFC odds but that can be dangerous if you go on a bad run. Some people will rate their plays from one to five units and bet more on the bigger plays in UFC odds.

To keep your sports betting bankroll under control you can’t go changing your betting amounts when you lose money versus UFC betting odds.  It is called going on tilt and it is something you must avoid when betting UFC odds. People go on tilt all the time after losing money and get carried away with UFC betting odds.

Another key is to stay within your means when wagering on UFC odds.  Let’s say you had that $2,000 online sports betting bankroll. You really should keep your overall wagering for a UFC event to 20% or less.  That means your sports betting bankroll for the event would be $400. If you lose everything you are still in the game for the next round of UFC betting odds.

If you keep in mind bankroll management when wagering on UFC odds you will be better prepared to win money this year. Far too often people worry about the handicapping and picking winners and forget about money management with online sports betting. When betting UFC odds you need to do more than just pick winners; you need to manage your online sports betting bankroll as well.