Lesnar adds star power to UFC 87 Odds at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

Brock Lesnar is the biggest name in the UFC 87 odds despite a 1-1 lifetime record in mixed martial fighting that he brings into his online UFC 87 odds contest.

But on August 9th, in his adopted home state of Minnesota tens of thousands of UFC 87 odds fans will pack the arena to see Lesnar fight in this online UFC 87 odds event versus Heath Herring based on his enormous potential; that and the fact that millions of UFC 87 betting fans have seen him for years on TV as a former WWE champion.

But as every UFC 87 odds fan knows there is a colossal difference between staged wrestling and mixed martial arts. In fact, Lesnar has a lot riding on the online UFC 87 odds match up with Herring and UFC 87 odds fans are dying to see if he can make it in the rough and tumble world of UFC fighting. In his first professional match in MMA Lesnar defeated the unknown Min Soo Kim.  But in his second match he was forced to submit by former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir in UFC 81.

But the UFC 87 odds match up will be a very different sort of affair.  Brock will be facing an opponent in the UFC 87 odds that like himself, is an unproven fighter with a ton of talent that desperately needs a win in the online UFC 87 odds. Herring enters the match fresh off a big win over another UFC 87 odds heavyweight fighter, Cheik Kongo. Known as the ‘Texas Crazy Horse’ this veteran fighter will have his work cut out for him with Lesnar in the UFC 87 odds battle.

Lesnar, apart from being insanely strong and having a high pain threshold, is an accomplished wrestler and should be able to dominate Herring in the UFC 87 odds if they go to the mat. That will likely be the UFC 87 odds strategy for Lesnar, but he’ll have a hard time dictating the tempo against a veteran like Herring.

This should be one of the better fights in the UFC 87 odds, and very close.  But in the end, look for Lesnar to finally get a win over a big name opponent in the UFC 87 odds.