Kimbo Slice must prove he belongs in UFC 113 Odds Action

December 2, 2010 UFC

If you’re a fan of MMA betting, you’ve surely heard of Kimbo Slice and are probably asking yourself: what the hell is he doing in the UFC 113 odds action?

And that would certainly be a legitimate question considering his brief and unspectacular career in organized MMA betting. But nonetheless Slice has booked on the Main Card for the upcoming UFC 113 odds competition for the first –and what very well could be the last- time in his fledgling UFC wagering career.

Slice basically surfaced from out of nowhere in 2008 after his videos of his street fights showed up on YouTube and became an instant sensation.  For those sports betting fans who are unfamiliar with Slice, his physical presence is just about as intimidating as you can imagine and he certainly looks the part of a UFC 113 betting contestant.

He is massive and has muscles rippling everywhere, but appearance alone is not enough to score a UFC 113 betting victory and so far Slice has failed to demonstrate to MMA betting fans that he deserves a spot in the UFC 113 odds action.

Slice’s professional career in MMA wagering extends all of five matches.  He has a record of 4-1 against mostly hacks.  He’s never faced any opponent of particular skill and has only had two bouts sanctioned by the UFC.

After a brief stint with EliteXC where he pummeled a bunch of tomato cans the MMA betting series went bankrupt and UFC swooped in the offer Slice a job.

In his only UFC betting match Slice scored a unanimous win over no-name Houston Alexander, basically by landing a back suplex which proved to be the only action of the entire match.

In the UFC 113 odds competition he’ll face the most difficult opponent of his career Matt Mitrione (hardly a UFC betting superstar) and if he doesn’t win this match the UFC 113 odd competition could be the only time Slice ever fights in a main even in his MMA betting career.

Mitrione is actually more a tomato can than a legit MMA betting contestant the former NFL linebacker has just one UFC fight under his belt, a KO over unknown Marcus Jones.

Obviously Dana White would like to keep Slice around in the UFC betting for awhile due to his huge following and against a mediocre opponent like Mitrione, Slice just might get the win in the UFC 113 odds action.