Jones vs Cormier 2 Set to Main Event UFC 200

November 4th, 2019 UFC

The betting on UFC universe saw another chapter written in the tumultuous story that has become of the UFC 200 preparation. UFC’s top head Dana White stated this morning on Good Morning America that the main event for the promotion’s big night will be Jon “Bones” Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2, thus replacing the rematch between McGregor and Diaz.

At the moment, the UFC is sticking to their position on not letting Conor McGregor fight in this event after a very public stand off in social media and in the press. The time line is that first McGregor retired with a single strange tweet. The UFC stated that the reason this happened was because McGregor was training in Iceland (of all places), and he was “refusing to do press” for the promotions biggest event to date.

After comings and goings, McGregor was out of the card and it left Nate Diaz without an opponent in short notice. Al the while perhaps one of the greatest UFC fighters came back to the octagon for UFC 197 to fight Ovince Saint Preux. The card was originally going to be Jones versus his nemesis Daniel Cormier in a long awaited rematch between the two for the Light heavyweight championship. Cormier sustained a foot injury that prevented him from competing. And after that trash talk between the two had ensued and hype for a possible encounter grew in prominence.

After Jones beat OSP by unanimous decision, he proved to be in good shape and ready to fight in the upcoming UFC 200 card, and experts on betting on UFC began speculating that the promotion might bring him and Daniel Cormier to replace the original Main Event between Diaz and McGregor. Both fighters are ready, willing and able, and most importantly, big names that could be an adequate replacement as big draws for the big card, and a very attractive fight for betting on UFC. Now we have confirmation that Bones Jones and Cormier will be headlining at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lines have not as of yet been posted on SBG Global, the best place to bet on UFC, but they will be up shortly.

This announcements leaves open a question: What about Nate Diaz? After stunning the world and beating Conor McGregor, his stock has risen and he is an attraction for the UFC and he doesn’t have an opponent for the Card yet. Dana White stated that they wish to find him an opponent soon so he can be a part of the action on Saturday July 9th. But, considering the turmoil with McGregor, no matter who the promotion selects, everybody will want for him to get the Irishman another shot.

According to sources close to the UFC, the final card for UFC 200 is still not decided yet, and we might see some changes made in the coming days, but for the moment those betting on UFC have now a very exciting bout to look for.

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