Is Brock Lesnar Good or Bad for UFC Odds?

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds fans saw something that they will not soon forget in the recent UFC 100 betting odds event. From a purely sports book and UFC odds perspective it wasn’t that remarkable.

But from a fighting standpoint, what Brock Lesnar did to former champ Frank Mir was mind-boggling.

UFC odds fans were treated to two minutes of a world class beat down. When the UFC betting odds world gathered in Las Vegas to partake in the biggest MMA pay per view event in history they did not expect these results –neither did the sports books. Both men entered the UFC odds match with claims to the heavy weight title and this match would settle the UFC betting odds debate once and for all as to who was the rightful heavyweight champ.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the rightful champ in the heavyweight division of the UFC odds is Lesnar. He absolutely destroyed Mir in every since of the word. It would be impossible to spin these UFC betting odds results in any other way. After just four fights in the UFC odds Lesnar has proven himself not only the best heavyweight fighter in the UFC betting odds, but arguably the best fighter in UFC odds, period.

But for anyone that saw that remarkable UFC odds performance in Vegas the question remains: is Lesnar good for the sport of UFC?

The jury is out on this one and it will likely take several more fights and several more UFC odds victories to clear the air. After the impressive win, one in which he deserves enormous credit, Lesnar soiled the victory by turning the post match session into a WWF-styled free for all. No one was impressed –least of all UFC odds commissioner Dana White. Fans were instantly disgusted with the display of poor sportsmanship and every walked away from the monumental UFC odds victory with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Lesnar has since apologized and it’s unlikely we’ll see such an out burst anytime soon at this future UFC odds events. But for a sport that is constantly struggling with its legitimacy this was the last thing it needed. On its biggest stage ever, the sport’s biggest star made a mockery of himself and badly damaged the credibility of UFC odds competition.

No doubt the UFC odds will recover and fans are already beside themselves waiting for Lesnar’s next UFC odds competition. But the short term damage has been done. Yes, the UFC odds brand has been slightly tarnished, but the sport has also learned a valuable lesson and in the long, Lesnar is probably one of the best things to ever happen to the UFC odds.