Handicapping UFC Lines at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC lines are interesting to look at for major Ultimate Fighting events. There can be value in taking underdogs, especially as you look at UFC betting odds.

UFC lines will have money lines attached to them where one fighter is favored against the other. Just as in other sports, the public is probably going to bet the favorite in UFC lines.

That immediately gives you value on the underdog. Even better for you as a gambler that looks at UFC lines is that underdogs do well in UFC betting odds. You can’t say underdogs always do well in any other sport, but in terms of UFC betting odds you can. So far in the short history of UFC lines, underdogs have made bettors money. Your first tip then when you look at UFC lines is to seriously consider taking the underdog fighter.

As you begin your handicapping and look at UFC lines it is a good idea to go to the popular UFC websites and read about the fight. See who the public likes in the fight. You are not looking at the public’s opinion because you want to bet that way. You are checking it out so you can bet the other way. UFC betting odds are similar to football odds in that the public is usually wrong in who they select. You rarely want to be on the same side as the public as you look at UFC lines. Sometimes when you look at UFC lines you will see the public backing an underdog. It doesn’t happen often, but in marquee fights it can happen. That would be a danger sign to you to stay off the underdog and consider the favorite.

Handicapping UFC lines does not have to be difficult. Treat it the same as you would other sports. Take a serious look at the underdog and be very cautious about betting any fighter that the public really likes and has bet. Going against the public is never a bad idea in any type of sports betting and that applies to the UFC as well. Many of the fights are on television and the public almost always bets the popular fighter who is usually favored.