Greatest UFC Odds Fighter of all Time

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds makers and fans that’ve been following the sport for awhile have seen the careers of some truly great fighters in the UFC betting odds.

But there is a very small and very select group of men at the top of this UFC odds list and they all belong to the UFC betting odds Hall of Fame. A quick look over this list and there is little doubt that these five men are the baddest men ever to grace the sports betting arena.

UFC odds experts may debate for eternity exactly which of these four UFC betting odds heroes is the best of all time -and there probably is no right answer- but they can surely agree that these four men are deserving of the their distinguished membership into one of the greatest fraternities in online betting.

Royce Gracie belongs on top of any list that includes the greatest UFC odds fighters of all time. He was the Babe Ruth of the sport, one of the early pioneers of UFC betting odds fighting and one of the most successful. He fought before there were weight classes in the UFC odds competition and he cleaned the mat with almost everyone he went against in UFC odds fights. A master of the submission moves he mastered his own style of fighting which is still very popular with UFC odds fighters today.

Ken Shamrock is almost never mentioned without the name Royce Gracie, and the two, as the first two inducted into the UFC odds Hall of Fame will continue to be forever linked. An excellent all around fighter, both on the mat and throwing blows; Shamrock is truly one of the all time greats in UFC odds history. Most UFC odds fans will remember he and Gracie fighting to an epic draw in UFC odds competition with the title on the line.

Another pioneer of the sport, Dan Severn is also in the UFC odds Hall of Fame is perhaps the toughest fighter in the history of the sport. He was a wrestling dynamo and did his best work on the mat, but anyone who underestimated his striking ability paid the price during his outstanding UFC odds career.

Randy Couture and Mark Coleman are the two newest members to the UFC odds Hall of Fame and no one would argue that they don’t belong. A bit younger than the other three entrants, these fighters are just as impressive. Multiple champion Couture’s name is synonymous with success for newer UFC odds fans and Coleman is a chip off the Severn mold and one of UFC odds great heavyweight champions.