Donald Cerrone vs. Jorge Masvidal Sports Gambling Lines

September 13th, 2019 UFC

Here are the sports gambling lines for the Donald Cerrone versus Jorge Masvidal fight which is scheduled to take place at UFC on Fox 23 this Saturday 28th at Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado.

Jorge Masvidal – 2½ (-210) +145 
Donald Cerrone – 2½ (+175) -165

Sports Gambling Lines at SBG

According to offshore online gambling sportsbooks such as SBG Global, Cerrone is favorite on this occasion, and he certainly has experience and constancy on his side. The hardest working man in MMA has had at least four fights a year since 2013, and has lost only three of those 16 bouts. As a matter of fact, the Cowboy is already eyeing his next fight. Cerrone has said he would like to fight at UFC 209 and he doesn’t really care against whom.

Love for a good fight

There’s a man loves to fight. If it all went according to sports gambling lines, Cerrone would put Masvidal away this Saturday, which would put him on track for a title eliminator in March against either Demian Maia or Robby Fowler. Potentially a championship match against whoever holds the strap then – Tyrone Woodley or Stephen Thompson. However, for the Cowboys it seems more about quantity than quality, seeing as how he would like to fight six times in 2017. If at least half of those fights were title defenses, that would just be an added bonus for Cerrone. In addition to the offshore online gambling advantage, Cerrone will have home field advantage, having grown up in Denver.

Masvidal and new management

The UFC is not short on disgruntled employees, but Masvidal certainly isn’t one of them. The Gamebred is happy with the new management because like the proverbial wheel, he squeaked and got the oil. Masvidal said he lobbied for the fight with Cerrone because he wants to get some sort of roundabout revenge on the Cowboy. As it turns out, Masvidal’s original opponent for The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale, Kelvin Gastelum, was taken from their match and paired up with Cerrone.

Earlier last year Masvidal complained about fighters ducking him, and on a related note, Cerrone has said that “Masvidal’s the only crazy lunatic that will take the fight with me,” so this fight truly seems like a match made in MMA heaven – though it surely is going to be hell for one of these two brawlers. Gamebred doesn’t care about home turf advantage, saying he’s fought in other people’s backyards all of his life. However, the advantage might be more than just psychological. As the Cowboy put it, “that Denver air is a whole different thing, so when he tries to breath at sea level, he’s going to have a rude awakening.

Denver is going to be so fun. We’re going to blow the roof off that place.” As mentioned above, Cerrone will be with his people – and he is a man of the people. He´s a regular Dusty Rhodes up in there. Why doesn’t he take time off? Because “the working class doesn’t take time off.” offshore online gambling bookmakers are also working class, but that’s not why the sports gambling lines favor Cerrone; simply put, he´s a best all-around fighter than Masvidal.

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