Chuck Liddell Hot commodity for UFC 115 betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

2010 has been a terrific year for UFC odds fans. This year alone has produced some of the best bouts in MMA betting history and it seems like the UFC Main Events just keep getting better and better.

After the spectacular matchup in the UFC 114 betting odds fans might be wondering what the UFC could do to possibly follow up that kind of event. 

Well, they needn’t wait any longer as the UFC 115 betting odds Main Event is arguably even more interesting than the previous UFC odds events.  The UFC organizers reached deep into their bag of tricks and pulled out a UFC betting legend and former champion to headline the UFC 115 betting lines action.

Chuck Liddell is a not only a legend in MMA betting but he’s actually one of only a handful of fighters that has been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.  Nobody has a bigger reputation than this guy in MMA betting and even though he’s no longer in his prime he’s still one of the best around.

With a lifetime UFC odds record of 28-7 this guy has paid his dues and beaten some of the best fighters in the history of UFC betting action.  For several years, when he was at the top of his fighting prowess he was the best there was.  He was unbeatable and he established himself as one of the best MMA fighters in UFC odds history.

Of late, though, he hasn’t had much to brag about after losing four of his past four UFC betting matchups.  His last win was 2 ½ years ago versus a talented Wanderlei Silva, but still that’s a long time to go without a UFC odds victory.

Nonetheless his status as one of the all time greats will create a huge boost in UFC 115 betting odds interest.  There are few fighters active in the UFC betting action that can command the kind of attention that Liddell and his fights create.  He is quite possibly the only MMA fighter around who could follow up UFC Main Event like the Jackson vs Evans fight and still draw interest.

So while his skills in the Octagon might be slightly diminished, Liddell’s reputation and legend as are strong as ever and this man will pack a house and drum up UFC odds interest like nobody’s business any time he steps in the Octagon.