Can Anyone Beat Brock Lesnar in UFC Odds?

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds have featured many talented and terrific fighters over the past two decades. However, recently there is one fighter that has taken the UFC betting odds by storm and left fans in awe.

That fighter, as any sports book fan can tell you, is Brock Lesnar and the only question that remains after four UFC odds fights is whether or not anyone on the planet can beat him.

UFC odds fighters are not weaklings. These are the most talented, strongest and toughest men on the planet. It takes years to develop your talents to the point that you’re deemed good enough to be featured in the UFC betting odds, let alone challenge for a title. A career in the world of UFC and sports book fighting takes years and dozens of matches. For a man to turn the world of UFC fighting on its head in just one year and four UFC odds matches is really quite something.

To accomplish what no other UFC odds fighter has accomplished in a sport that features great champions like Couture, Liddell, Gracie, Shamrock, and the like is something that happens once a generation in the UFC betting odds.

Lesnar has challenged the foundation of UFC betting odds and shaken the pillars of the sport. Never before has anyone come in and dominated so quickly in a sport that takes years to excel at. What’s even more impressive is that he has hardly even begun to reach his UFC odds potential. And for UFC odds opponents that is a very scary thought.

Lesnar is 3-1 in his brief career and the UFC odds heavyweight champion of the world. At the recent UFC 100 he gave Frank Mir the beating of his life, making him look like a rag doll in less than two rounds of work.

It is impossible to compare his style to any other fighter in history as there has never been anyone like him. He is enormous and wins on raw power alone. He has a wrestling background which he uses in his UFC odds matches, but has no other discernable fighting skill.

It is obvious that there is no current heavyweight in the UFC odds that beat him. The only other fighter in the world that has a chance to defeat him is Fedor Emelianenko. But the Russian is currently under contract with another fighting league and barred from fighting in UFC odds events.

The only UFC odds contender that could present a challenge is Shane Carwin a fellow giant who is also raw and itching for a shot at the champ. But to think that he can knock off Lesnar is quite a stretch.