Boxing over shadow UFC Betting at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

For UFC betting fans that were thinking 2008 might be the year that MMA finally buried boxing, it’s time to think again.

2008 has been a surprisingly good year for boxing and in many ways it’s even outpaced UFC betting as the opportunities to bet on top rated boxing matches has been on par with bet on UFC opportunities. In fact, if this is to be the year that UFC betting is to outpace boxing betting the sport is going to have to finish up the bet on UFC year with a bang.

So far in the UFC betting in 2008 there has not really bean any single bout that made UFC betting fans drop their jaws or want non UFC betting fans to go out and make a bet on UFC match ups. Sure, there have been high profile events in the UFC betting world, but they’ve been a bit predictable by bet on UFC standards and in general the UFC betting has lacked that electric event and atmosphere that is has had in the recent past. Perhaps the initial frenzy over the UFC betting that had been infecting the sporting community in the recent past has finally died down.

Or perhaps, and more likely, is the fact that boxing has been surprisingly impressive so far this year and perhaps even more entertaining than UFC betting. Boxing still holds an important place in the general sporting world and no amount of UFC betting success can deny that. And with huge matches this year like the recent Coto vs. Margarito fight, it’s hard not to see why boxing has held its ground against UFC betting this year.

Even fans that love to bet on UFC events had to admit that Margarito’s win in the 11th round by knock out was stunning. And with a possible so-called ‘retirement’ bout with fellow Mexican Oscar De La Hoya before year end, UFC betting officials have reason to be concerned. A fight like that would have huge drawing power and potentially upstage any UFC betting event planned at the same time.

What’s more there are interesting fighters again in the boxing ranks like Kelly Pavlik that could cause fans to switch from UFC betting to boxing.  But what is more likely is that there is plenty of room for boxing and UFC betting in the sporting world and sports fans will be much the richer for a robust competition between the two.