UFC Betting Line Notes at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC betting line odds really started to appear at sportsbooks in 2005 as “The Ultimate Fighter” TV show appeared on Spike TV. It wasn’t until that show that people really started looking to bet UFC action.

UFC betting line odds evolved from their small beginning in 2005 to overtake boxing odds in terms of fighting popularity. Part of the original appeal of the UFC betting line was that gamblers could watch fights for free and bet UFC action.

That has now changed since most UFC tournaments are not pay-per-view. The good news for bettors though is that “The Ultimate Fighter” TV show is still on Spike TV and UFC betting line odds are becoming more widespread at sportsbooks around the world.

UFC betting line odds are really just money lines. They are what you would see in sports like baseball or hockey. They are what you would see in a NASCAR or golf betting matchup. You will have one fighter favored over the other on the UFC betting line. For example, a fighter might be -280 while another one would be +240. In this UFC betting line example, you would risk $280 for every $100 you wanted to win on the UFC betting line favorite or get $240 for every $100 wagered on the UFC betting line underdog.

UFC betting line odds are also expanding as you are starting to see more events than just the UFC tournaments on the UFC betting line odds board. You have fights from around the world that give gamblers the chance to bet UFC fights. As the UFC continues to gain popularity there will be more and more chances for people to bet UFC fights. UFC has actually has too many fights and that is one reason they have not capitalized on their popularity. UFC is more popular than boxing with most sports gambling fans but the organization must take advantage of this fact. The organization needs to make smarter business decisions so that fans understand the sport and how it is laid out in terms of champions. The UFC can learn from boxing and the mess that the sport has become. UFC is one the national map now and it must continue to make progress and avoid major marketing mistakes.