Analyzing UFC Odds

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

UFC odds are available on a regular basis for major Ultimate Fighting events. There are some things to consider as you look at UFC betting odds so let’s analyze UFC odds and see how to find winners.

UFC odds have money lines attached to them where one fighter is favored against the other. You should know that the public is probably going to bet the favorite in UFC betting odds. That means you have value on the underdog. That does not mean the underdog is going to win the fight in UFC odds but that is where the value is.  Keep in mind though that with money lines you can see big streaks where favorites win just like you see in baseball.  You should start your handicapping of UFC odds though by looking at the underdog.

When you look at UFC odds you want to go to UFC websites and read about the fight. See who the public likes in the bout.  You are not looking at the public’s opinion because you want to bet that way but so you can go against them. UFC betting odds can be similar in some respects to other sports where the public is oftentimes wrong. And with UFC odds you even have times when the public likes the underdog.  In big fights that can happen, and you rarely want to be taking the dog in that situation.

When you analyze UFC odds it doesn’t have to be a tough thing to do. Take a look at the underdog and be very cautious about betting any fighter that the public really likes in UFC betting odds. Those are two easy tips to consider when you bet UFC odds. Going against the public is never a bad idea in any type of sports betting and that is the case with UFC too. Almost all of the fights are on television and that means the fights do get attention. The public will have an opinion so you have an immediate place to start.

Keep in mind that in marquee fights you will oftentimes have the rounds options as well. With the feature bouts you will have the chance to bet the rounds option in UFC odds and sometimes in other bouts as well. Betting on how long the fight will go can give you another chance to find value and to find winners so don’t forget that as you bet UFC odds.

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