UFC Betting on Akiyama vs. Belcher at UFC 100

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

UFC betting at the upcoming UFC 100 event should be just about as good as it gets. Names like Lesnar, St Pierre, Alves and Mir among others headlines lone list of bet on UFC competitors.

Yoshihiro Akiyama and Alan Belcher don’t necessarily jump to the front of that UFC betting list but their match could actually turn out to be the online betting match of the night.

UFC betting will hold its biggest event in some time, perhaps ever, when the bet on UFC community descends on Las Vegas on July 11th to stage the UFC 100 centennial event.  The top two bouts will feature a heavyweight title bet on UFC contest featuring Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. The second will feature a UFC betting welter weight title bout with Georges St Pierre and Thiago Alves.  But overlooked by these huge bet on UFC names is the light heavy weight match between Akiyama and Belcher.

Akiyama will actually be fighting in his first bet on UFC main event.  But that shouldn’t be misconstrued as lack of online betting fighting experience. A fixture on the K-1 Hero’s circuit and a Bushido competitor he has racked up an impressive record of 12-1 in 15 fights. What’s more impressive for the fighter making his UFC betting debut is that all his fights have either ended in a KO (5 fights) or submission (7 fights). He’s a clearly a man who likes to finish the job himself.

His UFC betting opponent, Alan Belcher, is a talented young bet on UFC fighter on the rise.  At just 25 years old he’s already fought 19 UFC betting matches. With an overall UFC betting record of 14-5 he’s had some success but also some set backs. He’s a very aggressive fighter and some UFC betting gurus think he takes too many chances that a disciplined opponent can exploit.  However, like Akiyama he likes to finish the job and all but two of his UFC betting victories have come by submission or KO.

Despite not having ever fought outside of Korea or Japan, and having no experience with UFC betting fights, look for Akiyama to get the better of his young challenger in the upcoming sports betting match.  Belcher has the experience but for a disciplined fighter like Akiyama he also has exploitable faults.  If you’re looking to play the UFC betting odds put cash on Akiyama in a debut victory. 

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