Preparation Power Begins for 2019 Triple Crown Betting Season

Preparation Power Begins for 2019 Triple Crown Betting Season

February 20th, 2019 Horseracing, Triple Crown

On the whole there are few wagering activities the draw as much attention and excitement as the Triple Crown betting season.  Starting with the Kentucky Derby horse racing’s three biggest races in the United States draw plenty of wagering action.  However much of that money is causal and public.  Most bets made on Triple Crown races are based on blurbs in the news or a few seconds of highlight profiles.  In short, such wagers are based far more on hype than actual ability.  Counter to that is an intense minority of horse players known as sharps.

Betting on the Triple Crown

It is true that most Triple Crown betting is done after a few minutes of “research.” But for sharps the season begins the year prior with races such as the Breeders Cup Juvenile each November.  Furthermore, there will be plenty of eyes on the two-year old horses running the summer before the Kentucky Derby.  Triple Crown racing consists of the top three-year-old horses.  The Kentucky Derby is the crown jewel of the Triple Crown that is run each year on the first Saturday in May.  Concurrently the Derby will run on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Who wins the Triple Crown

Following the Kentucky Derby is the Preakness Stakes on Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Additionally, the Belmont Stakes will wrap up the Triple Crown season in Saturday, June 8, 2019.  Each individual race on the Triple Crown schedule offers unique traits and traditions.  Most important of all the sportsbook Handicapping factors are quite unique for each Triple Crown racing event.  Conversely winning the Triple Crown is one of the most difficult achievements in all of sports.  Yet the hype kicks into high gear after the Kentucky Derby.

Preakness and Belmont

In view of the hype that comes with winning the Kentucky Derby the public will flock to that horse at the Preakness Stakes.  For this reason, gamblers must be careful.  Consider that only two horses have won the Triple Crown since 1978. Furthermore, only five horses have turned the Triple Crown betting trick since 1948.  Yet the media hype perpetually fails to take those daunting numbers into account each spring.  Unfortunately, many gamblers get caught up in the sensationalism.  Equally important is that sharps take advantage.  More value can be found in the Preakness and Belmont by contrarian gamblers.

Ambush Effect

Extending the challenge of winning a Triple Crown is the ambush affect of the Preakness and Belmont Stakes.  Unlike the past, the winner of the Kentucky Derby will often face fresh horses at the Preakness Stakes.  Indeed, there are now owners that will have their horses skip the Kentucky Derby to save fresh legs for the Preakness.  Likewise, the stress of the Derby can fatigue even the best of horses.  Just two weeks later running against fresh horses at the Preakness Stakes can prove to be too much.

Belmont Stakes

So too is this factor a reality at the Belmont Stakes.  As a matter of fact, there will be horses at the Belmont that have skipped the first two legs of the Triple Crown.  In view of that comes the even greater difficulty to complete the three-peat.  Even for a horse that won the first to legs of the Triple Crown. Most important of all Triple Crown racing season requires the nerve of fading the public and media hype.  Those that do are more successful far more than not!


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