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October 9th, 2018 Horseracing, Triple Crown

Late on thoroughbred horse racing is again the realistic possibility of a Triple Crown winning horse.  As a matter of fact, those betting on the Triple Crown have seen two winners in the past four years.  Indeed, American Pharaoh ended a 37-year drought with his Triple Crown triumph in 2015.  Justify then turned the trick in 2018.  What’s more, what once looked impossible is again seen as highly likely.  That period between 1979 and 2014 when there were not Triple Crown winners is fading in memory.  Supplementing that is the vast increase in betting each spring for the Triple Crown.

Growing Interest

Increasingly the general betting public that otherwise ignores horse racing has taken an interest in the Triple Crown.  The three-crown jewel American horse races begin the first Saturday in May with the Kentucky Derby.  Following that two weeks later is the Preakness Stakes.  And then three weeks after that is the final leg of the Triple Crown with the Belmont Stakes.  Owing to the fact that we have seen two Triple Crown winners in four years faith has been restored.  So too is there more interest leading up to the three spring races.

Breeders Cup Opening

As a matter of fact, Triple Crown racing season begins each November with the Breeders Cup.  At that time the top contenders have a race which determines who the top favorites will be for the following spring.  Subsequently this has made Betting on the Triple Crown much more of a year-round passion for many gamblers.  And for the hard-core fans you can get betting action the summer before when the horses begin their careers.  Specifically, there are summer races set up for two-year-old horses to begin the process of separation.

Increase Knowledge

As a result, when the top three-year-old contenders are ready to run gamblers have much better knowledge that in the past.  As a consequence of this increased attention even more casual horse players have far better depth of knowledge.  Because of this Betting on the Triple Crown has become a passion for an ever-increasing number of gamblers.  Furthermore, the internet has opened the door for far greater ability to gather research on horses.  Not withstanding obscure races at far away tracks gamblers are now in the know.  To show, information has made today’s horse player much more powerful.

What the Season has to Offer

To begin with each Triple Crown season there are dozens of horses mentioned as top contenders.  Such early spring races as the Santa Anita Derby help whittle down the field.  Simultaneously each spring these big races separate pretenders and contenders.  Best of all you can get betting action on these races.  What’s more information is easy to find for handicapping.  On the whole horse racing allows as much preparation time as any sport on the board.  Supplementing that is access to charts, statistics, jockey and trainer information.  To exemplify anybody can become an expert with just a little work.

Future Actions

Triple Crown betting is not just limited to races leading up to the Kentucky Derby.  On the contrary you can get futures action on the Triple Crown well before the season starts.  Not withstanding that is the changing futures odds in the weeks leading up to the Derby and Preakness.  Secondly you can get plenty of exotic bets on the races leading up to the Kentucky Derby.  This is where you bet multiple horses in the same race tied together in different forms.  Also available is Daily Double action.  Simply pick the winner of two straight races for big payments!

Horseracing Betting all Year Round

In the same way as other sports there is much more to the Triple Crown that its three events.  So too is there much more to football than the Super Bowl.  To show, there are months of races leading up to that first Saturday in May.  Correspondingly there are profits to be hand for those wanting to get a head start.  Commencing with the Breeders Cup followed by the early winter races action is constant.

Find your Edge

In this situation finding an edge has never been easier.  At the same time, you will find it fun tracing down the best horses.  Concurrently preparation leading up to Triple Crown season will empower horse players to big wins.  Hence the chance to pick the next Triple Crown champion!

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