2010 US Open Betting Dominated By Big Names

January 22nd, 2018 Tennis

The Grand Slam tournaments in professional tennis are the biggest stages in the sport where the biggest starts shine the brightest and the 2010 US Open betting action will be no different.

The US Open and the other Slams are where the best players in the game make a name for themselves and rare is the occasion where unsung players battle through the draw of the planets best players and pull off an upset victory such a big event.

Although it does happen, take for example Juan Del Potro’s US Open odds win last year, it’s extremely rare and much greater is the likelihood that a well known, established, and highly ranked player grabs the Slam title.  Take for example a brief examination of the Major events over the past five years.  World #2 Roger Federer has won over half of these events by himself.  Rafa Nadal, the newly crowned world #1 has won another seven.  The few other Grand Slam events that weren’t won by one of these two men have generally been won by highly ranked players like world #3 Novak Djokovic or in some cases by unheralded contenders.

But anyway you look the smart money is on the high sides and the well known players when it comes to Slam events.  Anyone looking to engage in US Open betting would be smart to keep their money on the top of the draw.  Players like Nadal, Federer, Brit Andy Murray and others are the early leaders in the US Open odds competition and it would be highly unusual if any player outside the top 4 seeding won this event.

The same is true on the women’s side of the draw.  So far 2010 has been a bit of a topsy turvy year in women’s tennis with a heap of turnover at the top of the world rankings as many of the highest rank women’s players in the world have been inconsistent all year long and lost matches they were expected to win.

Nonetheless, the number one seed and best player in the world, Serena Williams, has to be the favorite in the US Open betting action.  She’s healthy and loves to play in New York, a city that loves to watch her win.  Money Williams is the surest bet there is in this tennis tournament.

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