Tennis Betting Update: Djokovic Remains Perfect Through 27 Matches

October 23rd, 2020 Tennis

Tennis Betting Update: Djokovic Remains Perfect Through 27 Matches. Nearly 5 months into the 2011 tennis betting action Serbian player Novak Djokovic has yet to lose a match.That remarkable streak includes a Grand Slam title at the Australian Open and other major tournaments like the Indian Wells and the Sony Ericsson.  He’s defeated the best players in the world including world #1 Raphael Nadal in back to back finals and leap-frogged former world #1 Roger Federer in the tennis Tennis Betting rankings.

His perfect start has lifted him into second place in the tennis odds rankings and on the cusp of challenging for the top spot in the world rankings.

With his latest win over the weekend at the Serbia Open it seems as if he’ll never lose.

But if you’re looking to put your money on Djokovic in the tennis betting action chances are that his streak is going to come to an abrupt halt very soon.

The one common thread throughout the 27 straight wins is the fact that they’ve all come on hard courts.  So far in 2011 Djokovic has been the best hard court player in the tennis odds competition, no contest.

But as the clay court season fast approaches it’s just a matter of time before we see Djokovic’s perfect record blemished.  The only way he’ll continue undefeated is if he fails to enter a clay court tournament.

And the fact of the matter is he can probably avoid the dirt for a few more weeks but with the French Open and a chance to win a second straight Grand Slam title just around the corner he’s going to be playing on clay sooner or later.

And clay courts have not been this young man’s strength.

Even if Djokovic plays out of his mind and manages to win a warm event on clay in the run up to the French Open, sooner or later he’s going to have to play Nadal on the dirt and that is a tennis betting matchup that he’s going to lose.

Nadal is arguably the greatest clay court player in the history of the game and the odds on favorite to win his sixth title at Roland Garrros this year and in the process could very likely put an end to Djokovic’s perfect start.


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