SBG Serves you with the Best Tennis Betting Odds

SBG Global serves you with the Best Tennis Betting Odds

October 9th, 2018 Offshore Betting, Tennis

On the whole Tennis betting has a surprising degree of popularity, especially when it comes to the “Grand Slam” tournaments.  Fashion the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open as events that draw a considerable amount of wagering action.  What is especially apparent is that Europe bets heavily on tennis, especially those aforementioned major events.  In the United States Wimbledon, the French and US Opens draw the most wagering interest.  In fact, tennis is so popular among gamblers in Europe that it ranks second only to soccer.

European Stars

Also factoring into the popularity of tennis in Europe is that most of the top stars are from there.  To be exact Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin del Potro, Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev all hail from Europe as the top five ranked players.  The top American is John Isner who ranks a distant ninth.  And he is the only USA man in the top 16 rankings.  Meanwhile on the women’s side there is just one American, Sloane Stephens, in the top 16.  Can there be any wonder why the betting action is so much heavier in Europe?

Tennis Betting Options

When it comes to tennis there are plenty of great offshore betting options.  At the beginning you can bet on individuals to win a select tournament.  Extending the choices are the highly popular matchups.  This is when you select one of two players to win an individual match.  Then there are futures odds where you can wager on who will win tournaments long in advance of when they are scheduled.  You can also bet on who will win the championships of the ATP and WTP.  Props betting is also available on match lengths, ace serves, etc.

International Competitions

Moreover, you can get odds on special international competitions each year.  Indeed, the Davis Cup is known as the World Cup of tennis.  Increasingly the Davis Cup has grown in prestige and wagering popularity.  The Davis Cup takes place in November each year after the tennis regular season.  More emphatically it provides some of the best drama in any sport.

Handicapping Tips

Encompassing options for betting on Tennis is with odds.  In contrast to football and basketball there are no point spreads.  Instead you lay or take odds like in boxing, mixed martial arts, baseball and hockey.  Sometimes lost in the shuffle for the casual tennis player are the handicapping dynamics.  Yet they are really no different from more familiar sports.  Tennis has its name brand blue blood marquee players.  Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Serena Williams are the big names.  In comparison they would rate with teams such as the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, and Manchester United.  What’s more with such marquee players actual current form means less than brand name.

Serena Williams

For example, Williams was a significant betting favorite at the US Open despite the fact that she was nowhere near the top of the rankings.  Account of her loss in the Final was a very expensive lesson in overlay prices on name brand players.  Nonetheless Williams will continue to command a big price tag in all of her matches.  Regardless of her drop in actual ability.

 Roger Federer

While Federer is still a very good player he is no longer top tier.  But he will still bring the prices of a top ranked player.  In the same way as all sports wagering value is of paramount importance.  To be exact there is a distinct difference between a big name and actual relevant value.  In particular casual money on the Grand Slam events exacerbates this factor.  Owing to not betting on tennis regularly the public will bet big names on big events.  By reason of this some of the top players are consistently overpriced.

Bet on Reliability

Above all tennis has just a few reliable star players that can consistently win tournaments.  As a consequence, patience is a virtue for wagering on this sport.  At the onset of a tournament early matches will have expensive favorites.  Therefore, it is often wise to wait on high profile matches closer to the championship.  Thus, you will get a much better price although against stiffer competition.  Although it is true that tennis revolved around the elite top players there are many matches where you can find edges.  Concurrently getting great wagering information is easier than ever at many good websites.  As a result, you do not have to limit your action to “Grand Slam” events with marquee players to make money!

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