Can Anyone Actually Catch Serena Williams?

December 10th, 2019 Tennis

It’s become very clear that Serena Williams has been the hottest name in the world of womens’ tennis. She currently has 11,821 points in the WTA rankings. Maria Sharapova is in second with only 6,036 points.

The immense dominance of Serena Williams has made it to where she could potentially complete the entire Grand Slam in 2015 alone. Regardless of what happens, she is clearly the odds on favorite to win in many of her tournaments.

The WTA Cincinnati tournament is one such example. She is a -110 favorite to win with Sharapova being in second with +800 tennis betting odds to win.

In fact, most of the other competitors at the WTA Cincinnati event have odds of +10000 or higher, what with Serena’s extreme dominance. Her sister Venus Williams isn’t in that class though; Venus has +5000 betting odds to win this event.

Of course, the potential for Serena to win the US Open is very strong as there’s a real potential for her to complete the Grand Slam this year. She has an even money line to win the US Open. Maria Sharapova is still rather close with +200 odds while Simona Halep is at around +450.

The closer odds for the US Open comes from how this major event tends to be more intense. In particular, the added pressure in the US Open comes from the event, like other majors, having a stronger series of criteria for qualifying to compete. This makes it to where the potential competition will be stronger. The fact that more WTA points are at stake in a major like this just makes it all the more important for players to compete so well.

The possibility of Serena Williams to get the Grand Slam this year is very strong. Regardless of what happens, she is clearly the top womens’ tennis player in the world and her dominance will make it to where she’s going to keep on being the odds-on favorite among sportsbook experts for many events for the foreseeable future.

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