Online Tennis Betting

Tennis betting at SBG Global consists of a money line where all you have to worry about is who wins the match

Let’s look at that money line and how to understand it as you bet tennis.

Tennis betting is usually only put up for major events like Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, French Open and Australian Open. When looking at tennis betting odds at SBG you have two main choices. You have the option to bet a player to win the event or you can bet individual matchups. Let’s look at both options.

The first tennis betting option is for a player to win the tournament. For example, you might have the tennis betting odds on a women’s tournament where Serena Williams is 6-1, Lindsay Davenport 8-1, Maria Sharapova 10-1, etc. You can wager on a player to win the event and get paid a pretty nice price if you are correct as you bet tennis. This is also called a futures bet and can only be made before the tournament begins. Futures are always an interesting wager because you can look for value beyond the obvious favorites. This really applies more on the women’s side than it does on the men’s side since Roger Federer dominates men’s tennis.

Your next tennis betting option is to bet a matchup. This is where you are betting one player against another. The matchups in tennis betting are put up as the tournament progresses. In the early rounds when the favorites are playing non-ranked players you may not see tennis betting matchups at all since the prices would be something like -1500 and +1200 if it was someone like Williams against an unranked player. Usually when it gets to the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals you will see tennis betting matchups for each match. Here is what a tennis betting matchup might look like:

Venus Williams +180
Serena Williams -220

In this tennis betting example if you wanted to bet on Serena you would risk $220 for every $100 you wanted to win or the 22/10 equivalent. If you liked Venus you would bet $100 to win $180 or the 10/18 equivalent. Betting to win the tournament and tennis betting matchups are the two main options that most sportsbooks offer as you look to bet tennis. Take a look at the options for the Grand Slam events and remember to handicap the matchups as you bet tennis this year.