2016 Australian Open Mens Singles Betting Odds

November 19th, 2019 Tennis

With the 2016 tennis season underway we now have the 2016 Australian Open that is played from Monday the 18th thru Sunday the 31st of January 2016 in Melbourne, Australia and we will be previewing in this article the Men’s Singles tournament.

They say that if this tournament in 2015 is peak at the 2016 event, then the fans can expect a very exciting and explosive start of the Grand Slam Tennis season that begins with this Down Under tournament, that begins the Grand Slam season with some of the better players of the World participating.

Presently the Men’s Singles seems to be the hot issues with the Top Four planning their return, with the leader being N. Djokovic the World No. 1 leading the pack with A. Murray, R. Nadal and R. Federer close behind in the pack of four. Yes, the Top Four get most of the fan fare, but there are also some very good players that could steal the show.

So if you Bet on Tennis as the likes of SBG sportsbook, we start with the Men’s favorites with N. Djokovic who is the World No. 1 who has won this Open some 5 times and is naturally favored to win this 2016 Australian Open, plus remember he has a 89.3 percentage of wins in the Grand Slam events. Thus being that dominate he is favorite at -120 odds to win the Singles event.

He had a solid 2015 winning some 84 of t he 91 matches in which he participated, and was in the ATP Final events on 15 of 16 occasions. Thus, he won 11 Titles and that included these 3 Grand Slam events in the US Open, Wimbledon and the Australian Open in 2015, and now seeks another win Down Under in this 2016 Australian Open.

Another favorite at +550 is A. Murray who in his 6 Australian Open events he place 2nd in 4 of those events. He may just break out and become victorious this season that is if he continues playing as he did in 2015 winning 71 of the 91 matches in which he participated.

On hard surfaces in 2015 he won 34 of the 42 matches, and won 4 of 7 in the ATP finals for Singles in 2015. But to win this Open he will have to overcome the World No.1 Djokovic or wish he gets upset in his earlier play. Actually Murray played Djokovic some 7 time in 2015 losing 6 times.

Then we have the 33 year old R. Federer who has the talent to upset the defending champ of this Open, as in 2015 Federer beat Djokovic 3 time on hard courts, as well as defeating him in the Wimbledon and Cincinnati Masters semifinals. To this Australian Open R. Federer is no stranger since he has won this Open on 4 occasions and therefore his odds are +650 to win this Open and a Grand Slam Title for the 18th time.

The 4th is considered a sleeper and that’s’ R. Nadal who of the Top 4 he has had the toughest schedule in 2015, as he for his 1st time lost some 20 matches since back in 2003 season. Also, he had some difficult losses in 2015 Grand Slam events as beat D. Brown in the 2nd round and lost in the 3rd round to F. Fognini at the US Open.

This coming back in 2016 to this Australian Open may be what Nadal need to turn his game around and bring back winning to his career. In the ultimate 3 Australian Opens he has reached the finals in 2 of those events in 2012 and 2014 seasons, and as a result of an injury he did not play in 2013. He is listed at +900 in the betting odds to win this 2016 Tournament.

Another sleeper is the 30 year old S. Wawrinka who has caused some commotion in the tennis world as of late, thus he is at +1,000 to win his first Grand Slam in 2016, and that’s somewhat intriguing for the betting fans, as he beat Djokovic, T. Berdych and R. Nadal in 2014 to win his 1st Grand Slam event this Australian Open.

Then without ado, we have the long shot in the young 20 year old Australian N. Kyrgios who could beat most of the above, but the experts claim he’s a head case, like in 2015 talking trash to Wawrinka, R. Gasquet and others. If he gets it all together he’s a tough match for any of the above group of players, as to date he’s made to appearances in Grand Slam events, it the Wimbledon 2014 and the Australian Open 2015. He started his 2016 season at the Hopman Cup with a win over the World No. 2 A. Murray. That could give him a lot of confidence going into this Australian Open at +5,000 and playing on his home soil Down Under.

The online betting prediction for this 1st Grand Slam event at the Australian Open is that the World No. 1 N. Djokovic was determined to win his 5th Open in Australian in the last 6 years, and no others competing could break his winning ways as he wins this 1st Grand Slam season event.

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