Technical Problems

Our online wagering platform uses the most sophisticated software platforms to deliver you a safe and secure gaming experience. The website and software used by SBG Global is designed to work best using the latest version of Internet Explorer with an ideal screen resolution of 1024×768. A minimum resolution of 800×600 is required but users might need to scroll their screen side to view certain sections of the sites.

Other popular browsers such as Firefox have also been tested without any significant issues. Customers have reported technical issues with certain versions of the AOL browser that do not display information properly. We highly recommend that you update your AOL browser to either IE7 or Firefox 3 to alleviate any of these issues.

Over the past few years we have tested and found that many technical issues are directly related to customers not running the latest versions of available software and or not keeping their computers up-to-date with the latest patches and upgrades freely supplied for their browser and operating system.

For those using a Windows operating system, you can use the following link to automatically scan your computer and advise you of updates needed for your operating system. It is strongly recommended that you enable the option that will allow your computer to automatically check and install future required updates.

Windows Update

The SBG Global website makes use of the following browser plug-ins. While Window Update will install many of these popular features, we recommend that you check to make sure you have the latest versions.

Microsoft .NET Framework
Available through Windows Updater (see above)

Sun Java
Visit Website

Macromedia Flash
Visit Website

Adobe Acrobat
Visit Website

There are numerous factors which can impact you online experience. In this section we will touch on some of the more commonly found issues.

Screen Resolution
As mentioned, the SBG Global website is optimized to run on a screen resolution of 1024×768. To check and or change your screen resolution please see the following steps outlined in the link below.

Choose Screen Resolution

Security and Privacy Settings
We recommend that your browser security setting be “medium” or lower as high settings can impede the back and forth flow of information with the wagering servers. For details on establishing your browser security settings, use the link below.

Working with Internet Explorer 6 Security Settings

SBG Global uses cookies for the exchange of information between users and our site and must be enabled for transaction to occur. For details on setting your privacy levels and accepting cookies, please review the following article.

How to Manage Cookies

Personal Firewall Settings
There are many different firewall products available and each work essentially the same to manage the the flow of information in and out of your computer. Below are links to the standard Microsoft Firewall. It is important to remember that for your computer to talk with the SBG Global servers when using a firewall, you must make sure your individual settings will allow this to happen.

Understanding Windows Firewall

Security software: Downloads and trials

Internet firewalls: Frequently asked questions

Pop-up Blockers
There are numerous “pop-up blockers” and each has configurable settings. SBG Global makes every effort to keep the use of pop-up windows to a minimum and will only use these windows to display site related information. We recommend for the maximum experience that you adjust your settings appropriately to allow these. For details on the Microsoft Pop-up Blocker and its configuration, see the link below.

Block Pop-up Windows with Internet Explorer

Spyware and Adware
Unfortunately many users unknowing download spyware and adware when visiting websites. Please note that SBG Global DOES NOT employ the use of either. We recommend that all users regularly check their computers for the presence of such program. There are numerous products on the market to defend against malicious software, we recommend the following.

Microsoft Defender

SbyBot – Search and Destroy

SBG Global Technical Support
SBG Global Technical Support is available by Phone (1-888-Bet-Easy) or Email 24 hours a day. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service technical support agents for any diagnosing technical issues. Many basic issues are addressed in this frequently asked questions section and we recommend that you start by reviewing those first.

If you still need to contact Technical Support, we ask that you follow these simple steps:

  1. Please visit BrowserHawk Diagnostics to display your current computer settings. Copy the contents of this page.
  2. Visit our Technical Knowledgebase of posts or submit a trouble ticket with your diagnosis report and a detail description of the problem you are experiencing.

Please provide a detailed explanation of what you see and the page URL the issues is appearing on: or

It is important that you are as detailed as possible so that we can determine the cause of your problems.

i.e. Please don’t just say it doesn’t work, rather tell us what you see when it doesn’t work. A screen shot of what is displayed on your screen is always helpful.

Technical support issues are typically responded to within 12 hours but usually sooner. Support is currently available for all Microsoft and Windows products only.

[email protected]