Why the Cowboys should not start Romo (until Dak fails)

October 7th, 2019 NFL Football, Sportsbook

As long as the Dallas Cowboys keep on winning, fans who bet on NFL don’t care if they put Gus the Mule on the team. However, Steven Ruiz over at USA Today says the Cowboys should pick Tony Romo – who returned to practice this week – over rookie Dak Prescott. Why? Because “Romo has never been able to play with a supporting cast this talented, has been a top-10 quarterback when healthy and would allow the Cowboys to open up the entire playbook.” And presumably rip it in half like a phonebook.

So maybe Romo does know the offense better than everyone else except Jason Garrett. Maybe we should make him offensive coordinator, then. But according to Ruiz, the best evidence that Romo should start under center is some video in which he’s seen – not heard, mind you; we have to read his lips – saying “Dammit” when “counting the defensive players in the box, recognizing the offensive and defensive formations and knowing immediately that the play-call is doomed.” That’s debatable, though. If you read his lips really closely, we think he is actually saying “No new taxes.” And in any case, he could be cursing under his breath for any number of reasons. Perhaps he left the stove on.

Sure, Romo has seen everything in his 14-year career – everything except a Super Bowl ring, that is. In addition to his natural, skygod-given talent, he is experienced, smart, seasoned, and shrewd. But guess what? Romo wasn’t built in a day. “Prescott can be fooled,” says Ruiz, while “there is no fooling Romo.” Is there any reason that the same couldn’t have been said of Romo and Drew Bledsoe ten years ago? Moreover, Romo is already 36 years old and injury-prone. People who bet on NFL at online sportsbooks know Prescott will take over from Romo sooner or later; why not just go with the flow and leave him there?

After all, Romo has had a good run and it might be high time someone else enjoys the limelight. Remember The Sopranos finale? Well, let’s just say you’re Tony Romano and Don’t Stop Believin’ is playing on the jukebox. Furthermore, and as fans who bet on NFL also know, Prescott is rolling. He is en fuego. He is tearing up the pea patch. He can do no wrong. He has the Midas touch. And so on and so forth.

Naysayers say that the Cowboys have had an easy schedule. They say that they have not defeated good teams. They also say “nay.” What’s a good team, though? The Arizona Cardinals were supposed to be a good team. So were the Green Bay Packers, and the Carolina Panthers, and the Denver Broncos. It’s all relative. All things considered, the Cowboys have a good thing going, and they would do well not to f*** with it. Until Prescott screws up, of course. Then we will be all like, “bring back Tony Romo! We want Tony! We want Tony!” But till then, it’s team Dak Prescott Forever.

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