Top Three NCAA Betting Picks for Week 8

October 13th, 2017 Sportsbook

close up of man in football helmetIt is time to check for some top college football picks for Week 8. Week 7 brought some surprising and exciting results and one is left to wonder how will things play out this week. It is tough to make predictions, but we are looking into the odds and the expected outcome of some of the most anticipated games happening this week in college football.

The first game we will preview is the Number 10 Georgia Bulldogs face off against Arkansas in what could be described as a game that has a lo of people banking and hoping on an upset. Currently the odds favor the Bulldogs (-3.5), and plenty of players are banking on Arkansas to take advantage of the home field advantage.

It is pretty understandable, Arkansas were oh so very close of upsetting Alabama, so a lot of people are left speculating of what could week 8 bring. Our prediction is that even though Arkansas will most fight to the very end, Georgia will win but not for a big margin, we expect this game to go on the under.

Continuing with our college football picks, we have No. 21 Texas A&M at No. 9 Alabama (-12.5). After enduring and escaping the aforementioned Razorbacks, many are concerned that Alabama showed one too many chinks in their armor.

However, Alabama despite their struggles in recent weeks are still a top team. Once the Crimson tide’s offense find their groove and they will become a serious threat, and we believe that will happen any day now. That is why we believe that Alabama will win this by at least two TDs.

Finally, the last game we want to preview is the marquee game for this week’s action. No. 5 Notre Dame will face No. 2 Florida State (-11.5) in what promises to be a thrilling game of football. The Seminoles are thought to be the team to beat in this game. Jameis Winston, apart from being in the spotlight for his behavior off the filed, is a proven star player, and his presence in this game could be the decisive factor.

Notre Dame is a team that has problems on their secondary line, and they are expected to serious problems if Winston plays. Expect the Seminoles to edge this game barely (with or without Jameis Winston) for our college football picks we believe this game will be a close one, so the under isn’t a bad bet.

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