Top 3 Week 9 NCAA Football Betting Picks

USC Trojans runner with footballWe are heading into Week 9 and college football betting is getting more and more exciting. For this week we have some exciting matchups that can very well help shape up the playoff picture for this season, so you know that all these teams will be fighting with all their might to overcome their opponent. In short, we can expect some very interesting games.

The first game we would like to preview is the USC Trojans at the Utah Utes. Both teams are coming from formidable performances in recent games to be faced in what could very well decide the team that will represent the PAC-12 South in the Conference Tittle Game. Expect the game to be very close, but the home team has pretty much all the weaponry and the home filed advantage to beat the Trojans by no much of a margin.

Another game that you need to keep your eye out on is the Ohio State Buckeyes and Penn State Nittany Lions, this game should interest all college football betting fans as the Buckeyes have been great for the past few games and Penn State have been struggling all year. There shouldn’t be no question that Buckeyes are going to win this game, is a matter of by how much. Currently the line is -13.5 in favor of Ohio State. We believe that Penn Sate has enough offensive talent to keep the under on that game.

Finally the last game we want to preview is the Ole Miss Rebels versus the LSU Tigers. This game will be held in Louisiana and many are speculating tat this could be enough of a setting for the Tigers to pull an upset against the Rebels. However, Ole Miss is, perhaps, the best defense in the country right now. And the fact of the matter is that LSU has not been able to move the ball effectively. So, if LSU is able to have a good offensive performance, they might be able to put on a show, but we don’t think it will be enough to pull an upset.