Top 3 NFL Picks of the Day – Redskins, Bears, Lions

March 2nd, 2020 Sportsbook

Top 3 NFL Picks of the Day – Redskins, Bears, Lions. Week 4 is upon us, and if you are seeking NFL Betting Advice, we have got your fix. Currently, the season has provided some interesting results and during the preseason no one would have predicted how it is currently developing. One can only expect that week 4 is packed with more surprising stuff. Looking into the schedule for this week, we analyze the match ups and betting odds, and then provide you with our opinion on how the more attractive these games are going to turn out.

Let’s start with the game that will open up Week 4’s action, The New York Giants (+165) square off against the Washington Redskins (-185). The Redskins, minus RGIII, have been able to provide good performances, specially after Kirk Cousins has really stepped up and made himself more an asset than a liability. The Giants, despite their win last week at Houston, will have problems dealing with Washington’s offense. NFL Betting Advice: Bet on the Redskins.

Another game that will have the attention of the fans is when The Green Bay Packers travel to Soldier Field to face the Chicago Bears. The Packers are not playing well, at all. Aaron Rodgers has been struggling to find his rhythm, while Jay Cutler has been on beast mode, playing some of his best football. However, the Packers can’t be ruled out just yet. One win over the Bears and they could be back on track to a wining season. But, they face Cutler and the Bears, at Soldier field. Our NFL Betting Advice is: Bet on the Bears.

Finally, one game that we would like to highlight is the Detroit Lions (-125) versus The New York Jets (+105). The Jets sometimes give the slight glimmer of a team that could be very good, but they are their own worst enemy at times. They could be very well 3-0 right now, had they not committed some mistakes on defense that cost them the games versus the Packers and the Bears. The Lions on the other hand, are strong at home but precarious on the road. The decisive factor on this game will be, believe it or not, Matthew Stafford. If the Lion’s QB is able to pull a decent performance, and considering how the Jets secondary is simply atrocious, our NFL Betting Advice is: Bet on the Lions.

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