Three Free NCAA Football Week 5 Betting Picks

March 2nd, 2020 Sportsbook

Week 5 will bring a very interesting number of conference games, and we have your NCAA College football picks for the most anticipated games. The games in question that are mentioned on this article are all games that could potentially shape the playoff picture. Not only fans, but also the selection committee will pay close attention to the turn out of these games.

The first game that you should take a look at, happens tonight, when UCLA -4 (-110) battles Arizona State +4 (-110). These teams in the Pac 12, arguably the best NCAA conference this year, will begin to narrow down which teams are going to make an impact this season. In a very close game, UCLA appears to have a slight edge to overpower Arizona State. However the Sun Devils, have their mind set of taking this game at all costs, considering that since 2012, the winner of this game has gone on to win the divisional tittle each season. Even though the might be considered as the underdogs, our college football picks prediction is that Arizona State are going to escape with the W tonight by almost a minimum difference.

The second game to look for is Arkansas +9½ (-110) versus Texas A&M -9½ (-110). This game has NCAA experts all over divided as some are seduced by the fact that Arkansas is a pretty darn good football team and with… they are more than capable of pulling an upset. However, Texas A&M has a mighty offense with an impressive Kenny Hill at the helm. Arkansas effort will be valiant, but it won’t be enough to stop Texas A&M’s offense, that’s why we have to go with the Aggies for the win on our sportsbook pick.

Finally, the last game that you might want to check out is Stanford -7½ (-110) faces Washington +7½ (-110). Washington is 4-0, granted they might not as of yet faced real strong competition until this week. They have displayed a balanced mixture of performances that almost make them a cypher, at times they are pretty good, and others they show some weaknesses that could be exploited. Stanford, on the other hand is a strong defensive team that, should they maintain their level of play will undoubtedly pull off a close win not covering the spread. Our NCAA college football pick for this game is Stanford.

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