The Battle of the Gasol Brothers

January 17th, 2020 Sportsbook

Brothers Pau and Marc Gasol met last night for one of the most anticipated games in Monday’s edition of NBA Betting. The older brother Pau and his Chicago Bulls hosted younger brother Marc and his Memphis Grizzlies. The Bulls were looking to snap a two game loosing streak and secure themselves on the Eastern Conference and stay on the run for the second spot , while Memphis is actively seeking to apply some pressure on the Golden State Warriors on the West.

The Bulls have been dealing with plenty of injuries as of late, but still managed to steal away wins. Last Sunday they had a disappointing loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Chicago is on a position were very game counts and managing to get as many wins as they can minus Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. They have won hard fought battles on the final seconds of the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with an on fire Russell Westbrook. They have given several upsets for NBA Betting, and are still in it to get home court advantage on the Playoffs. Yet, yesterday they faced a great and formidable offensive unit lead by Marc Gasol with 23 points in the game.

The Grizzlies are on the quest of finally making it big on the league, and get on a favorable position on the West to contend for a spot on the NBA Finals. This year they appear to have the team and the caching needed to achieve their goal. Their secret has been on building a team that has several players who can produce at any certain situations on the game. Similar to the Atlanta Hawks, they might lack a marquee player, but they have a squad that can attack you from different angles.

Last night lady luck favored NBA Betting fans who placed their money on the younger Gasol brother. Will they meet against in the NBA finals? Very likely they will not, but that would be something interesting to watch.

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