Super Bowl XLIX Betting Odds Recap

February 5th, 2020 Sportsbook

It is now the Monday after the Big Game, and we shift our attention to Super Bowl XLIX betting odds analysis after an epic and dramatic finish to the NFL season. To do so we will need to dial the clock back at least two weeks and look into what was going on in the sports betting universe the moment the two Conference Championship games ended.

The New England Patriots looked dominant and strong versus the Indianapolis Colts, while the Seattle Seahawks pulled a miraculous comeback for the ages versus the Green Bay Packers.

Up until that point they were the two top teams in the league, an ideal match up that had the entire world boiling with excitement. The very first line that was posted was EV on both teams. They were as evenly matched as one could want.

But as the week progressed the line moved to favorite the Patriots (-1). The Super Bowl XLIX betting odds analysis found this line to be indicative that we were at the helm of what ended up being a very close game.

The line was to remain the same for the better part of the weeks ramping up to the big game, amidst the whole controversies coming from the pending NFL investigation of Deflategate. However on the eve of Super Bowl, there was a significant push for the Seattle Seahawks.

The push was so significant that it made the line shift on several books, however it was not enough to make the Seahawks the favorites. Super Bowl XLIX betting odds analysis was clear to show that despite drawing much interest from a large percentage of players, the Pats remained as favorites.

In the end, the initial line proved to be accurate. Those players who wagered on the over, were able to pick up a good pay out this Monday morning.

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