Sportsbooks – Pujols and Teixeira Lead Silver Slugger Winners

September 6th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbooks had St. Louis superstar Albert Pujols and New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira among the winners of the Silver Slugger awards.

The awards are chosen by managers and coaches and go to the best offensive players at each position in each league.  Offshore sportsbook info has seen these awards being given out since 1980.

Sportsbooks data had other winners in the American League being second baseman Aaron Hill of the Toronto Blue Jays, shortstop Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay third baseman Evan Longoria, Minnesota catcher Joe Mauer, DH Adam Lind of the Toronto Blue Jays, outfielders Torii Hunter from the Los Angeles Angels, Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki and Boston’s Jason Bay.

Sportsbooks had the National League winners in addition to Pujols being Florida shortstop Hanley Ramirez, second baseman Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, Washington third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, Atlanta catcher Brian McCann, outfielders Matt Kemp and Andre Either of the Los Angeles Dodgers, outfielder Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and pitcher Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs. Of the players listed the impact players were Pujols, Utley and Ramirez as they had big years for their respective teams.

The first time award winners as sportsbooks info had it were Longoria, Hunter, Bay, Hill, Lind, Zimmerman, Ethier and Kemp.  Pujols has won five Silver Slugger awards as sportsbooks stats showed, while Jeter and Utley have each won a total of four times.

Sportsbooks stats indicated that the selections were based on a combination of offensive statistics. Those included batting average, slugging percentage and on-base percentage.  It should be noted that managers and coaches were not able to vote for players on their own teams.

Many of these players were star players that impacted the odds at the offshore sportsbook  Pujols has been considered the best player in Major League Baseball for some time and he makes a huge difference for those taking St. Louis versus the odds at sportsbooks.  Many of the other players that won Silver Sluggers are also impact players who can impact the results at the offshore sportsbook.  Heading into next season you will want to watch all of these players and their impact on the odds at the offshore sportsbook. Pujols will have the Cardinals in the hunt again while Teixeira may have an even better year for the world champion New York Yankees.

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