Sportsbooks Online Have Big Impact on Local Economies at SBG Global

March 19th, 2018 Sportsbook

Sportsbooks online operations are all based overseas. That’s due to legislation that prohibits the existence of sportsbooks operations –in theory- on US soil.

But this law, while perhaps frustrating to many sportsbooks online fans in the US has been a major benefit to many of the offshore countries that host sportsbooks operations. Sportsbooks online have existed for less than two decades but already they have become an important economic pillar in many of the developing countries that have become the host countries for the sportsbooks online companies that serve the entire global sporting world. The United States is the home of the most sportsbooks online clients out of any country on the planet and sports bettors from the US have indirectly contributed very greatly to the economic development of neighboring countries –particularly those in the Caribbean region.

Central America and various Caribbean Island nations have become the destination of choice for many sportsbooks online operations. From an economic perspective these countries are fantastic locations to launch a sportsbook enterprise and have been mutually beneficial to both host country and sportsbooks online operations. The key ingredients for commercial success are all there and this has greatly aided in the growth of the offshore sportsbooks online industry. The abundance of English speakers in the region makes it suitable to host sportsbooks calls from the UK and the US, the top two sportsbooks online client countries.  In addition, the relatively low cost of labor, real estate and other capital expenditures is relatively low. Some host countries have even gone further by offering tax incentives and other cost attractive features to sportsbooks online companies.

There have also been many benefits to sportsbooks online host countries. The most obvious is the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in the host countries. This region of the world is home to many third world countries and job creation opportunities are often scarce. Sportsbooks online companies have created new job opportunities where before there was none. The sportsbooks online companies often pay relatively high wages which helps to boost the local economy in beneficial spin off spending. The sportsbooks online have also brought much needed tax revenue to the local governments with which they can fund public works projects likes schools and hospitals.

While there are some that would argue about the benefits of sportsbooks online in local economies and produce evidence of harmful impact as well, on the whole it would seem that sportsbooks online have made a positive impact in many developing countries’ economies.

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