Sportsbook Wager Types at SBG Global

October 12th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook sites offer a vast array of wager types that bettors can use to wager on the available sportsbook betting odds.

Straight wagers are the simplest types of online sportsbook wagers, because they simply involve betting on the different sportsbook lines. However, sportsbook members looking to place slightly more complex bets can always choose to place parlays, teasers, and other similar wagers.

Sportsbook lines typically involve three different sets of odds that correspond to the different types of straight bets one can place. Firstly, wagering on a side involves wagering on a team with regards to the point spread established in the online sportsbook odds. For instance, wagering on the sportsbook line Patriots -5½ involves wagering that the Patriots will win by at least six points. For sports like football and basketball the price of these wagers will often be -110, but in sports like hockey and baseball the prices can be more varied. Secondly, sportsbook members can wager on totals, which involves wagering on the total number of points that will be scored in a matchup, regardless of which team scores the points. Sportsbook lines for totals involve a number, such as 41 for a football matchup, and bettors simply must wager on whether the final score total will be ‘over’ or ‘under’ that amount. Thirdly, online sportsbook sites generally offer a money line, and this line is wagered on as a bet regarding which team will win a matchup outright. In other words, one does not have to consider point spreads, but the prices required to bet on the favorite and underdog will naturally differ.

Although some sportsbook members may place only straight bets, there are many ways to combine straight bets into more complex wagers. For instance, one can place a parlay, in which two or more sportsbook plays are combined into a single wager that only wins if all of the individual plays win. Naturally, the more plays that one includes in a parlay, the higher the payoff odds will be. If one is creating a parlay with several online sportsbook lines and wants to combine the lines in different ways then this can easily be done using a wager known as a round robin. Also, teasers are a special type of parlay in which one actually receives points that shift the sportsbook lines in one’s favor. Sportsbook sites tend to offer numerous teaser options and each option will correspond to different numbers of points or plays that a teaser will include. Somewhat different from teasers are if bets and reverses, in which plays are put into pairs and action on the second play is dependent on the result of the first.

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