Sportsbook Odds Take a Huge Hit on Raptors

September 28th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook odds will be different in the next few games on the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors best player, All-Star forward Chris Bosh suffered a facial fracture on Tuesday and will miss some time.  He underwent surgery on Wednesday and it is unknown how many games he will miss but there is no doubt the odds at the Internet sportsbook will be adjusted.

Sportsbook odds are affected when a key player is out of the lineup and Bosh is by far the best player for the Raptors. What makes his absence even more critical is that Toronto is only one game ahead of Chicago for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.  The Raptors are expected to announce if Bosh will return again this season in the next day or so. Bosh leads the Raptors in scoring and he is the only reason they are even in the playoff race.  He was accidently struck in the face on Tuesday by Cleveland forward Antawn Jamison in the 113-101 loss to the Cavaliers.

Toronto does not have an easy schedule so they could use Bosh in the lineup. They hosted Boston on Wednesday. They are at Atlanta on Friday in a game they are unlikely to win.  The key game of the season is on Sunday as they host the Bulls. What helps Toronto is that they play a bad Detroit team on Monday before ending the season with a home game against New York. Bosh is averaging 24.3 points and 11 rebounds per game.  The Raptors may be favored against the Pistons and Knicks at the Internet sportsbook even without Bosh in the lineup but if he was able to return they would be expected to win both of those games.

Sometimes when a key player is out of the lineup a team will step up and play well for a while. The problem for Toronto is that they don’t have much time left in the regular season. The key game is going to be the one against the Bulls and it will be interesting to see if Bosh can return for that game. Toronto is going to be an underdog against Boston and Atlanta and they might be an underdog at home against the Bulls if Bosh is out.  If he is in the lineup they would be a small favorite at the sportsbook.

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