Sportsbook Football Teasers at SBG Global

October 19th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook teasers are very popular during football season but also get some attention during basketball season.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you look to play online sportsbook teasers this season.

Sportsbook teasers are popular because you get extra points added to your wagers.  Keep in mind if you are betting a sportsbook teaser and choosing the underdog you should take a team that has a chance to win.  It is also a good idea to play against a team that has a hard time scoring.  If you are looking at underdogs at the sportsbook for your teaser, then gambling against teams that run the ball a great deal may be a good bet in football because they eat up the clock and don’t run up the score.  If you are teasing a team from + 7 up to +14 at an online sportsbook it is very nice to know that late in the game your opponent is going to be running the ball and eating clock. 

On the other end of that equation is looking at sportsbook favorites for your teaser.   Home teams that find a way to win are always a nice sportsbook teaser addition.  Teasing down those home favorites from -7 or -8 to even or -1 really gives you a money line play as part of your teaser where all you need to do is win the game.  Look at teams that you can tease under those key numbers of 3 or 7 at the sportsbook.  If you have a 10-point home favorite you might want to tease them down to -3 on your sportsbook teaser.  We already mentioned the 7-point home favorite that you could now tease down to -1 or pick-em. 

Another area to look at when playing teasers as a sportsbook player is rivalry or division games.  Those games tend to be hard fought and close, therefore, giving you value for your online sportsbook teaser.  Divisional games are more predictable for the most part and very often the sportsbook is very close to the number.  You can take either side of the game and have a decent shot with your online sportsbook teaser.  The same theory applies when it comes to the playoffs.  When you get deep into the playoffs the games tend to be closer and you will have less blowouts.  Those types of games are very good to tease at the sportsbook. 

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