Sportsbook fans see Nadal takeover of tennis at SBG Global

October 19th, 2017 Sportsbook

You could count on him dominating every sportsbook competition he entered. That was the story of online sportsbook tennis action for the past three years.

Sportbook spectators rarely witness the transfer of greatness, at least a transfer as immediate as the one taking place at present in the tennis online sportsbook competition. Roger Federer has made a very convincing claim for the title of “greatest player ever” in sportsbook history. But young upstart Rapha Nadal has been significantly better than Federer in every aspect over the past calendar year and is now beginning to stake his own claim as perhaps the greatest player of the online sporsbook era.

Sportsbook action in tennis has been in a down period, at least on the men’s side for some time and as such it’s been quite refreshing to see players like Federer and Nadal restore interest in this great sportsbook pastime. For three years, Roger Federer was unbeatable in the sportsbook competition. In fact, the only time he generally lost in the online sportsbook activity was one day a year in May on the clay courts in Paris.

But this year that changed and the tennis sportsbook betting hasn’t been the same since. First, Federer lost to world number three Novak DJokovic in a surprise upset in the Australian Open Grand Slam sportsbook action. And then he kept on losing, almost inexplicably in nearly every sportsbook tennis tournament he entered. And suddenly the decline of the sportsbook greatest tennis player on the planet was a huge story.

However, the bigger story was not so much Federer’s online sportsbook rise as Nadal’s rise in the sporstbook action. So far out of the three Grand Slams played, Nadal has won two; Federer has on zero. Both of Nadal’s sportsbook Grand Slam titles were achieved by defeating Federer. The first Grand Slam finals the two met in was at Paris with Nadal the heavy favorite in the sprotsbook action. But no one expected him to embarrass Federer the way he did. And then just weeks later at Wimbledon, a place where Federer had not suffered a sportsbook defeat in nearly six years, Nadal beat him again to officially take over the mantle as the greatest player in the sportsbook action.

Since his win in Paris Nadal has won five straight sportsbook titles and shows no signs of slowing. The hard court season is not his best time of the year, but with the way he’s been playing there’s no reason not to think he won’t be a favorite to pick up the US Open title as well late on in the sportsbook season.

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