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September 5th, 2017 Sportsbook

Even non-online sportsbook bettors looked forward to the great bicycle race as fantastic from of competition, at least until he retired in 2005.

But cycling fans and Armstrong fans can finally rejoice again as he recently announced that he will ride again in the 2009 sportsbook Tour de France. Sportsbook fans love winners and Armstrong is by any account imaginable a winner. He has won the Tour de France a sportsbook record seven times. He has defeated terminal cancer in a battle that no online sportsbook oddsmaker would have given him a chance at.

And he has gone on to do great things raising funds and awareness for cancer treatment, the disease that nearly took his look and ended his sportsbook career before it even began.

He has now decided to take up competitive cycling once again and the response from the sportsbook world, online sportsbook fans and the cycling world has been overwhelmingly positive.  In fact, there is hardly a single reason not to be enthused about his return to sportsbook cycling.

Talk of tarnishing his image is ridiculous, as he’s already accomplished so much more than any other cyclist in the history of sportsbook riding that he could run the Tour de France on a unicycle and it wouldn’t matter.  Since Armstrong’s retirement the Tour de France, from an online sportsbook fan’s perspective, has been awful.

Perhaps, even worse than awful when you factor in the things that have come to pass outside of the sportsbook competition.  The race is now known more for drug busts than for sportsmanship.

In fact, most sportsbook fans could probably reel off the names of the top riders busted for doping more easily than they could identify the winners of any of the past three sportsbook races.  And that is exactly why Armstrong will be so welcome to this top race in sportsbook cycling.

The race, and the sport, desperately needs a hero again.  And whether you love Armstrong, or despise him as many French sportsbook fans do, you have to respect what he has done over his career, all without the apparent aid of performance enhancing drugs.

Throughout all his sportsbook success Armstrong has never failed a drug test, and there is probably no person on earth whose urine has been under more scrutiny than Armstrong.  The decision to return to competitive sportsbook racing is inscrutable; the only question left on many sportsbook fans minds is whether or not he can win.  Based on past performances, the answer would seem to be yes.

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